Cat-eye frame


Created by the New York heiress, artist and socialite Altina Schinasi, the now-iconic cat-eye frame style made its first appearance in the 1950s, making eyewear fashionable for the first time ever. With their upswept outer edges and oval lenses, the feline-inspired frames accentuated the shape of a woman’s eyes and gave an irresistibly feminine and glamorous look. Prior to the 1950s eyeglasses had quite a stigma attached, especially for women, and many people shied away from sporting them in public unless it was absolutely necessary. Styles were designed to be simple and to blend in with the face, their primary focus was on function and drawing as little attention as possible.

The cat-eye was the first style to make the move away from this stigma and towards eyeglasses as a fashion statement. Bold colors, embellishments, and quirky accents helped to make them as much of a fashion accessory as the perfect hat or a beautiful piece of jewelry. The style exploded in popularity over the 50s and 60s with many women adopting them as part of their signature style, including those who didn’t actually need a prescription. Plain lensed ‘glamour glasses’ were advertised as the next must-have for style-conscious women and the new shape quickly dominated the sunglasses market too.

Cat-eye glasses

Since its creation, the style has never been out of fashion for long and has been endlessly reinvented over the decades, from the softer more rounded shapes of the 70s to the angular styles of today and everything in between. The classic styles still endure too, with the era continuing to provide inspiration for designers and influence trends, making vintage looks as popular as ever.

Why it’s trending

The appeal of the cat-eye frame and the reason it has remained so popular lies in its elegance, versatility and universally flattering shape. The winged corners elongate the eyes for an ultra-feminine look and the upswept angles draw the eye upwards, giving a lift to facial features.

The beauty of this shape is that there is a variation to suit every face. Short and square or heart-shaped faces can choose narrow, soft oval frames for balance or opt to play up their angles and show off high cheekbones by picking a sharp, angular pair. Longer faces and more rounded features benefit from the added balance of wider styles with more prominent angles to add definition to the face.

Do I really need a pair of cat-eye glasses?

cat-eye glasses?

Glasses may don’t seem to matter, but they do have a finishing touch on personal temperament and image, especially for wearers who want to send what kinds of information to others around in the workplace or dating. Help yourself to find a pair of perfect glasses is definitely critical and makes you feel great. The money and time you spend on choosing the eyeglasses are worth it. Without any doubt, selecting a suitable pair of glasses will increase your confidence and satisfaction to yourself.

This is why we believe that the wear of glasses can have psychological meaning to both the wearer and people he communicates with. For example, if you want to get a job from a media company, a pair of cat-eye glasses will help you a lot by expressing the information to interviewers that you are more creative and smarter than other interviewees. No matter where people are in such as fashionable work, school or government, they all can find the right cat-eye glasses to match their work and personal quality. For example, if you want to get a job from a media company, a pair of cat-eye glasses will help you a lot by expressing the information to interviewers that you are more creative and smarter than other interviewees. No matter where people are in such as fashionable work, school or government, they all can find the right cat-eye glasses to match their work and personal quality.

Because with the improvement of craft and diversification of materials, the cat-eye frame now has various shapes and styles to fit people’s needs. Here I will introduce some cat-eye frames to you:



Crafted from lightweight TR90, “Naomi” is a cute cat-eye frame with college style, which has adjustable nose pads to fit all people.  



“Zion” is crafted from premium acetate, displaying exceptional quality and a lustrous sheen. The full rims added with slight cat-eye design connect poise and active qualities perfectly. Flexible spring hinges make this frame suit both men and women face shapes.



Crafted from high-quality acetate and metal, our premium “Ella” in the ABBEGlasses store has a luxurious feel with subtly curved lenses. The gorgeous cat-eye frame has large lenses for full coverage. The frame is also as comfortable as it is chic.



Cat-eye full-rim ABBE Glasses “Paisley” is made from premium stainless steel. Add some polish to your look with these sophisticated, vintage-inspired cat-eye glasses. Adjustable nose pads provide extra comfort. Elder women can also choose this frame and add progressive lenses, making your vision active forever!

Find a pair of glasses is like find a girlfriend or boyfriend. Wearing unsuitable eyeglasses is like dating someone you do not like! So horrible. Now start choosing the right glasses for yourself and I would like to recommend your cat-eye frame!

How to buy a pair of cat-eye glasses online?

Several steps you must follow:

  1. Make Sure Your Prescription is Right. This the very fundamental step, so please be serious about your prescription, listen to professional opticians’ suggestions, know your eyes’ conditions and fill the information at online glasses shop accurately. If you meet some problems when buying eyeglasses, do not hesitate to ask customer service for help.
  2. Pick up the Right Frame. According to your personal needs, you decide to purchase what you want. Sometimes I think it is worthy of trying different styles of frames. Life is short for everyone and happy time is even shorter for everyone, so why not try something to make life colorful and interesting? The only right frame is that the frame is what you want and it fits your face size rather than you fit the frame shape! Remember if you have a high degree of myopia, it will be a better choice for you to select a full rim frame and high index lenses.
  3. Pay Attention to Add-ons. You should know what are tint lenses, anti-blue light lenses, polarized lenses, transition lenses, clip-on lenses, and anti-UV lenses. Know the detailed description first about theses add-ons at the online shop before you make an order.
  4. Be familiar with the return and shipping policies. Someone may think this kind of information is not important. That is absolutely wrong. Such policies are very vital once you have some problems with the products. Actually, it is our customers’ right to protect our own benefits!

I hope you have a nice experience buying glasses online! More articles are waiting for you to explore!

Konw What is Lens Thickness?

Recently customers are paying more attention on the thickness of different lenses such as bifocal and progressive lenses. In order to better serve our dear customers, our customer service center has collected an exclusive handbook on ABBE Glasses.

Why should we know this knowledge about lens? Because of three reasons: 1. It is up to the frame you choose. For example, some semi-rim rim and large frame are not suitable for thick lens. The frame with full rims can protect and fix your lens maximally. 2. It depends on your prescription. If you have high or strong prescription, high index lens will be your best choice. The higher index lens you select, the thinner lens you get. High index lens means that the lens is lighter than ordinary index lens. No matter you have presbyopia or myopia, small frame can meet all lenses.

Remember except some special situations, usually we purchase reading glasses according to edge thickness and spectacles for myopia based on central thickness.

Here are some examples about thickness of our lenses according to the benchmark of all raw lenses’ thickness is the 65mm diameter.

  • Lens central thickness standard of myopia–Single vision. The thickness of myopia eyesight below -2.25 is almost completely the same for 1.50, 1.57and 1.60 lens index. As for high index 1.67 and 1.74, the higher your prescription is, the thinner your lens thickness should be.
0.00-1.00-2.00-2.25Higher Rx

Thickness unit: mm

  • Lens central thickness standard of myopia–Bifocal Lens.
 -0.25-0.75-1.50-2.00-2.25Higher Rx

Thickness unit: mm

  • Lens central thickness standard of myopia–Progressive Lens.
 -0.75-1.50-2.00-2.25Higher Rx

Thickness unit: mm

Next, the lens thickness standard of reading glasses comes out. Usually the theory of reading glasses is the convex lens and the theory of myopia is the concave lens.

1. Lens edge thickness standard of reading glasses–Single vision.

 +0.25+1.25+2.25+3.75Higher Rx

Thickness unit: mm

2. Lens edge thickness standard of reading glasses–Bifocal lens.

 +0.25+1.25+2.25+3.25+3.50Higher Rx

Thickness unit: mm

3. Lens edge thickness standard of reading glasses–Progressive lens.

 +0.25+2.00+3.00+3.75Higher Rx

Thickness unit: mm

All statistics may exist some very little error of 0.2mm. If you want to add polarized and transition effect on your lens, it may be thicker of 0.2mm. Please note, if you want to get specific data of your lens, do not hesitate to consult us and we are waiting for you.

Prescription Lenses Guide on ABBE Glasses

Always confused about how to choose best lenses for yourself? Basically, lenses include three types: single vision, bifocal and progressive lenses. So, what are they? How to select the lenses which are most suitable for yourself? And what are benefits of these lenses bringing to you? No worry, we have already prepared this handbook for you!

1.Single vision lenses

Single Vision lenses are the standard eyeglass prescription. These glasses are for one field of vision across the entire lens. Depending on what your doctor prescribed, single vision lenses help you see at one of the following distances: 1) Close, as if you are looking at your cell phone or books. 2) In the distance, as if you are looking at street signs. Single vision lenses are the most commonly prescribed lenses as they can correct your nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism. Single vision lenses with refractive index of 1.50 and 1.57 are free in our shop now!

Curious if you could benefit from single vision lenses? What are you waiting for? Make sure to schedule an appointment with your local eye care professional today. Singe vision reading glasses can also help correct presbyopia. Here are detailed examples:

  • Near
Reading glasses

Near lenses have prescriptions starting with a plus (+) sign and are designed for those who have trouble focusing their eyes while reading. These lenses are designed to help correct farsightedness caused by hyperopia or presbyopia.

  • Distant
To see signposts clearly

If your prescription has a negative (-) number and 0 ADD, this means that you need “Distance” lenses. Distance lenses are needed when things up close appear clear, while things further away look blurry. This is called nearsightedness, or myopia.

2.Bifocal lenses

Bifocals lenses include two fields of vision separated by a line. Usually the top is designated for distance vision or computer-distance vision, and the bottom for near-vision work such as reading.

Near and distant vision in one lens

It may take first-time bifocal wearers some time to adjust to the lenses. This is largely due to learning how to move your eyes between the distance and reading portions of the lens. The best thing to do to get used to your bifocals is to wear them as much as possible.

Specific picture of bifocal lens

3.Progressive lenses

Progressive lenses include three fields of vision, without lines. The top portion is used for distance-vision, the middle portion (corridor) for mid-range vision, and the bottom portion for the near-vision or reading.

Progressive lens

Progressive lenses include three fields of vision, without lines. The top portion is used for distance-vision, the middle portion (corridor) for mid-range vision, and the bottom portion for the near-vision or reading. Unlike bifocal lenses, progressive lenses have no line and are optimized for not only reading and distance, but also for a third intermediate distance, such as your computer screen. The process of adapting to a new prescription and lens can take anywhere from a few days to one full month-even if you have previously worn progressive lenses. Try to not go back and forth with your old prescription. Wear your new glasses at home and at the office to start, then driving as soon as you are comfortable with your new glasses.

Three functions of progressive lens

Do you see the two areas here on the progressive lens named peripheral distortion? Remember do not always move your eyes from left to right, this would cause qualm.

I just began wearing glasses recently and I am unsure of how I should clean them. Is it safe to use a polyester cloth, or will it damage my glasses?

The most important thing to remember about cleaning glasses is that scratches come from hard abrasive dust particles contaminating the cloth or that have landed on the lenses. When you try to rub the lens clean, the particles scratch the lens.

To avoid this, always rinse the surface with soapy water before you wipe them with a clean rag made from cotton or polyester or any soft fabric.

The key is to avoid the abrasive dust. Practically, it is difficult to always wash the lenses. Sometimes your glasses will get dirty and you have only a dry cloth to clean them. In cases like this, blow over the lens to remove the particles you can, then lightly wipe the lens with a cloth.

After doing these steps, choose a new portion of the cloth and then apply pressure to the wipe. You are still taking some chance of an abrasive particle causing a scratch.

How complicated could it be? The truth is, it isn’t complicated. But there are a few do’s and don’ts. There are so many conflicting information online on how to clean and handle the eyeglasses. Below are some few questions and answers for you to look into.

Can I use something other than a lens cleaning cloth to clean my lenses?No! Anti-scratch, anti-smudge, and anti-static coatings to make cleaning easier and less frequent. The biggest enemy of the lens is cleaning them with a fabric that “feels soft” but is abrasive, or cleaning them when there is abrasive grit on the lens. Always use a micro fiber cleaning cloth intended to clean lenses.

Can I rinse my glasses with water? Yes! This is by far the best way to thoroughly clean your glasses at home. Although, to avoid too much water getting into movements like the hinges, you should only do it every few weeks.

  1. Under the tap, rinse with warm water (not cold, or hot) for a few seconds. Warm water will help release oils. Get as little water on the hinges as you can. For very dirty frames/lenses, we recommend using a very mild dish soap (i.e. Dawn). Apply to your fingers and rub gently on lenses/frame as you rinse with warm water.
  2. Loosely wrap them in a soft cotton (a nice soft t-shirt works) and pat or press the frames and lenses to absorb most of the water.
  3. Finish by wiping the frames and lenses until clean with a microfiber lens cloth (don’t use paper towel!)
High quality cleaning clothe comes free with the glasses.

My glasses don’t seem dirty, is there any reason to clean them? Yes! We all have oils on the skin–with varied ph levels–that end up on the frames and lenses. Sunscreens, soaps, and lotion invariably find their way onto the frame or lens. All of these can do damage to any frame material surface over time. So be sure to rinse your glasses every few weeks as described above.

Lenses are a bit like windows–they take regular maintenance for the best view. And often you don’t notice how badly they needed cleaning, until you clean them, and see the difference

In order to prevent scratches on your lenses we provide a very special cleaning clothes in the cases of our eyeglasses. Check them out

Three Main Materials to Make Lens

Honestly, compared with frames, what you should care for more is lens. Lenses are made from optical materials like resin, glass, PC etc.

  1. Resin material

What is the resin? Do you know the benefits of this material that is used in making lenses? Or some shortcomings?

Resin is a hydrocarbon (hydrocarbon)-derived secretion originating from plants, especially conifers, which is valued by professionals for other special chemical structures. Resin can be divided into natural resin and synthetic resin. Resin lenses, also named plastic lenses in the market, chemically synthesized from natural resin, then are processed and polished with precision instruments.

ABBE Glasses

Obvious advantages of resin lenses include: first, it is light-weight and more comfortable to wear. Secondly, the resin lens is safe because of strong impact resistance and is not easy to break. (If by any chance the lens is crushed, the fragment is not only small, but also less sharp. The injuries of eyeball and face can be minimized. This is the main reason why the lens is called “safety lens” on the market.) Thirdly, the resin lens can almost completely block ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 350mm or less, and the effect is much better than that of glass lenses. Fourth, resin lens also has good rate of light transmission up to 92% which is higher than glass. Fifth, the resin lens can be easily reworked to meet special demands such as adding different coatings and dyeing. (Resin lenses are apt to dye and match with clothing and fashion.) Sixth, with the innovation and improvement of the coating technics, the resin lens has become the mainstream of the lens on the market relying on good wear-resistance. Seventh, due to the lower thermal conductivity of the resin lens, it has strong anti-fog function which is not easy to be blurred by steam and even if it is blurred, it will quickly disappear.

ABBE Glasses

Furthermore, Resin lenses also have other benefits. Here are extra three points: 1. generally, high-heat and small-volume substances tend to cause dents and spots on the glass, but if they touch the resin lens, they will automatically bounce off and will not cause any marks on the surface of the lens. 2. The surface reflection of the resin lens is lower than that of the ordinary glass lens, and it is also less glaring. 3. Resin lenses are extremely resistant to chemicals and solvents. Almost all household solvents and chemicals cannot damage them.

Some disadvantages of resin lenses:

  • Easy to scratch: the scratch resistance of resin lenses is inferior to that of glass lenses. Although it can be improved by hardening surface, the effect is limited.
  • Thicker than glass lenses: with thick lenses, it is a nightmare for people who want beauty and fashion, especially for people having deep myopia. Although it has been greatly improved in recent years, it is still much thicker than glass lenses.
  • Easy to deform: due to the low density of the resin lens, it is likely that the deformation happens when framing.
  • Non-resistance to high temperature: though the resin lens is a thermosetting material, the lens surface of multi-coatings may be cracked for high temperature.

       2. Glass material

ABBE Glasses

Every time you buy eyeglasses at local shops, you will be asked what kind of lenses do you like? Glass lenses or resin lenses or something else? Have you met such questions? Frankly, I have been always asked which one is better. Then I was persuaded to buy that eyeglasses the seller recommended. Sometimes, our customers should know something about glasses, in the case of they being cheated or lied to. We need to learn something about glasses to show that we are smart customers and would not be easily dealt with such perfunctory treat. Let us be the customers who know the ropes!

What is the glass lens? The main raw material of glass lens is the optical glass, which has superior optical attributes owning good light and stable refractive index. Secondly, glass lens has high refractive index and the highest refractive index is 1.90. Finally, the surface of glass lens is very hard and more wear-resistant.

ABBE Glasses

However, the glass lens is heavy in virtue of material reasons, which feels uncomfortable to some extent when worn. The glass lens can only be dyed by several colors and it is not cost-efficient. With fragility of the glass lens and improvement of making and processing the resin lens, the use of glass lens is fewer than before.

       3.Polycarbonate material

ABBE Glasses

PC lens, also known as polycarbonate, is tough and not easy to break, which can effectively prevent lens cracking during intense exercise. Because PC lens is light-weight and has good UV protection, especially for resisting compression and shock. It is widely applied in sport glasses and children glasses. However, owing to high price and complex process, PC lenses are only sold in small quantities at the market.

ABBE Glasses

Therefore, please do remember your lenses should be tough, quality and comfortable to wear. Nothing is perfect! You need to listen to suggestions from opticians and choose the most suitable lenses for yourself according to your needs. Sometimes the expensive lenses do not mean the best lenses for you! And it is also a very important tip for you to notice when buying glasses online.

What are photochromic (transition) glasses?

They are lenses that changes color when it comes into contact with light/UV. Transitions is actually a brand name, the name for such lenses are actually called photochromic lenses. Photo- meaning light, -chromic meaning color.  They typically come in 2 colors: grey and brown.

Grey and brown are the common tints for sunglasses as they cut out glare without altering much color of nature, so what you see with the tinted lenses is what you get (minus the annoying glare, of course!)

transition can be added to any prescription glasses

Transition lenses are basically lenses that have special coating that when interacted with UV rays, would darken the lens and reduce the amount of light/UV entering the eye.

If you go to places with high UV index, i.e. top of the mountain and/or somewhere in the North/South Pole, you will realize that these lenses do an excellent job in transiting your normal pair of prescription lenses into a pair of prescription sunglasses. Talk about being convenient and not having to take off your prescription glasses and pop on your sunglasses! Or wearing contacts just so you can wear your sunglasses because it did not have prescription!

However, as this is a type of coating, it can cause the lenses to yellow quite easily. And it is especially so if the glasses has been out there interacting with the UV rays a lot.

Transition fits into any type of frames

One thing you have to remember is that not all transitions lenses are the same. Some darken in a car and some do not. This is partially because “regular” transitions lenses use UV light to darken the lens. Modern windshields have an anti-UV coating so these lenses will not darken in that situation.

In addition, when entering indoors from outdoors, these lenses do take some time to go back to being clear, so your glasses would look kind of weird for the first 30–40 seconds when you walk through a door from outdoors! There are good quality lenses available for you here.

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Should I wear eyeglasses?

This question is rather an interesting question to ask. Actually for those of us who experience issues seeing plainly, glasses are the ideal approach to tackle that issue. Glasses are likewise an incredible help for the individuals who experience the ill effects of vision-related headaches. Regardless of whether you require single-vision, perusing, progressives or bifocals, there is no compelling reason to stress; you’re free.

If you know you’re myopic in one eye, and you feel your vision has become worse over the years, then IMO it’s time to schedule a visit with an ophthalmologist and get a definitive answer.If you do end up needing corrective lenses, you have the option of contacts, regular glasses, or maybe even Lasik. 

Abbe Glasses

Let’s be realistic, glasses are cool at this point. Glasses are the ideal assistant to any outfit. These days, it’s basic for individuals who don’t have a remedy to wear glasses as an adornment. Those days of being ridiculed for wearing glasses are a distant memory, and as it should be! As per the Vision Council of America, around 64% of Americans wear eyeglasses. So regardless of the possibility that you needn’t bother with them to see, you might pass up a major opportunity for style openings!

Abbe Glasses

There are actually so many reasons why one should put on eyeglasses ;

PROTECTION FROM THE SUN On account of eyeglasses, we can now be shielded from destructive UV beams that originated from the sun. Eyeglasses are presently offered with captivated focal points to help square even glare, which might be hurtful to your vision and prompt genuine eye related illnesses, for example, waterfalls and macular degeneration.

Abbe Sunglasses

THEY MAKE YOU LOOK SMART At any rate it appears that way. Eyeglasses may add modernity to your look and give you the cleaned complete you’re searching for. The absolute most persuasive individuals on the planet have worn glasses. Indeed, even Clark Kent brandishes a decent dark casing in his off time.

Smart looking glasses from Abbe Glasses

MAKES READING EASIER Do you experience issues reading fine print in the daily paper or your most loved novel? Consider getting an eye exam to check whether you require perusing glasses. Consider how much strain you put on your eyes when you squint each time you read. Perusing glasses are ideal for the individuals who battle with farsightedness, and you don’t need to wear them constantly.

Reading glasses

There are other so many reasons why you should put on eyeglasses.

Prevent sun related health problems
Protection from the elements (in the chemical lab, workshop etc)
Promote healing & recovery
You’ll see more & enjoy the outdoors more
For safer driving and recovery For sports purposes and many more. Provides all the various types of glasses you will ever need at budget friendly prices.

You should wear eyeglasses if you feel that your vision is blurry. Sometimes, you may even be experiencing a severe bout of headache. In such cases, you should get your eye check-up done, and accordingly, buy a pair of eyeglasses if you need to. I would recommend visiting any Specsmakers branch in India as they do regular eye check-ups and also offer a wide range of trendy eye frames that are priced at affordable rates.

When was the last time you had your eyes examined?  If it has been longer than two years, perhaps you should go have them checked out.  You can develop a lazy eye if there is a difference between vision in your eyes, but it can be cured through vision therapy.  The most important thing is to get into an eye doctor and be checked out for it before your brain starts to suppress the vision coming from your left eye. 

If it’s just that your nearsighted in your left eye perhaps the fix could be as simple as you  wearing  a contact lens in just the left eye to get your vision to 20/20 in both  eyes.  Glasses could be  another possibility, yes, most people don’t want to wear glasses, but to keep from losing vision in the one eye, wearing glasses would be the least of your worries. 

The first day is the hardest, but it isn’t as bad as you imagine it will be and you realize within a few days that nobody cares that you are wearing glasses, they are too wrapped up in their own lives to worry about what you are doing.  Just get an eye exam and let your eye doctor give you the options and suggestions that will give you the best outcome.  Good luck!

A final thought: YOU might think you can see “very sharply using both eyes”, but you’ve become accustomed to the way you see. Only an examination can determine if it’s really safe for you to continue thinking that way. . You should find out what type of glasses you need.

What are some High quality budget-friendly glasses?

There are so many good and budget-friendly glasses out there but then slightly difficult to select from which right store to purchase from. Check them out.

There are various designs in eyeglasses with the popular ones like the oval frame glasses, cat eye glasses, square glasses, over sized glasses and the hit of all, aviator glasses. Best online store to buy glasses means online optical store that offers quality glasses at best prices and also special offers when you are buying those glasses. All these needs to be taken into consideration .

Glasses from ABBE are the most upscale and exemplary ones among all the distinctive models we tried. These are extraordinary glasses for different purposes and occasions, driving, reading, protection from the sun, far and near sighted people, fashion, blue light blockers etc…….. Some of the frames are produced using the Titanium materials; it is incredibly solid, yet additionally misleadingly light. Our edge is hypoallergenic, which means it is impeccably alright for the human body. At not exactly a large portion of the heaviness of conventional captivated glass focal points, you can lessen eye fatigue, forbid your eyes from blinding glare, which makes driving more secure and another purpose for which the glasses is meant for.

These are all budget friendly glasses and offers you ultimate fashion which suits your fashion needs and your pocket too. Check out more at  for men as well as women and that of kids too.

Protection First

The old sun glasses made from animal bone, leather or wood with small slits .

We can credit the Eskimo or Inuit of the Arctic for the world’s first sunglasses. Often referred to as snow goggles, they were created from bone, leather or wood with small slits see through, designed to protect the eyes from snow-blindness caused by the bright spring sunlight. The first snow goggles are said to date back 2000 years to a culture known as Old Bering Sea, who lived around the west coast of Alaska and were the ancestors of the modern Inuit.

Today, like then, we need to wear sunglasses, especially in summer, and also when we do sports. For this reason ABBEglasses, the manufacturer of sunglasses and sport sunglasses, developed a wide range of products offering the highest technical standards on the market. Sunglasses should not be considered simply as fashion accessories but as genuine devices to protect eyes from solar radiation that can damage and harm us. Similar to what happens to the skin, a prolonged exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet light can create several eye health problems.

It is not uncommon that some ocular diseases can be caused, or exasperated, by excessive exposure to sunlight. This is why colored lenses have been created: to help reduce the amount of light. “Different lens colors can be used in different conditions (for example, grey-based lenses avoid or reduce color distortion along with those with a brown base). Mirrored lenses have an aesthetic effect but do not change the properties of the base colors, while polarized lenses are used to eliminate glare from reverberation (optimal at the sea or on the snow).

June’s sports Frame of the Month.

Sport eye-wear is known for its array of bright, bold designs previously reserved for athletes. Now these styles have made their way onto runways around the world. This sporty sun-wear style from ABBEgrasses is the perfect combination of the two realms merging together for a sport-inspired high-fashion look. The Bordeaux colored acetate frame front and temples pair well with the photochromic lenses and bright black accents for a daring look. The sleek wraparound lenses are also defined by the on the front for a sportier feel. We love the balance of fashion meeting sport through this sun-glass style, awarding it our June’s sports Frame of the Month.

Check them out on